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 SOTW Hall of Fame

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PostSubject: SOTW Hall of Fame   Wed Jun 02, 2010 10:36 am

[b]Welcome to the SOTW Hall of Fame!

Here are going to be only those artist who work hard, accept challenges and have determination. Every week there is a contest in which artists from this forum battle between each other to get to the hall of fame. It's not easy since we have a lot of skills here yet very fun to do since a lot of artists here like challenges. Now! without further do, let's take a look at the artists who have made it so far.

First SOTW contest winner:

Name of Art Piece: Abstract Beauty
Artist: Haroldcore
Theme: Beauty

Second SOTW Contest winner: Two Way tie!

Name of Art Piece: Beauty of ..... WAR!
Artist: Icy
Theme: War

Name of Art Piece: Sexy War(A.K.A Look at my Ass Siggeh >_>)
Artist: Harold
Theme: War

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SOTW Hall of Fame
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